country visions logoOpen source Content Management Systems like Wordpress and Joomla have exceptional power and flexibility. The interGen team has over a decade of experience with these systems and their predecessors. So, we have a deep appreciation of what they can do. However, we don't often get to see an example as dramatic as that of Country Visions Cooperative in Reedsville, Wisconsin.


Sitemapping the Target Market(s)

Part of the challenge of creating an effective website is providing the best information to different audiences with absolute clarity. Country Visions has greater complexity of stakeholder relationships than most. In addition, these relationships interact across a broad array of diverse products and services. The services include:

  • Commodity pricing and sales for their agricultural partners
  • Automotive, farm equipment, and small engine repair services
  • Equipment rental
  • A network of gas station/convenience stores
  • Several country store retail outlets
  • Franchised fast food restaurants
  • Bulk petroleum and propane sales
  • Supply of grain feed and other agricultural products

The Country Visions team approached the site launch pleased with having addressed well the needs of their many audiences. The site includes integration with the third-party database used to manage real-time commodity pricing. It also allows individual login for account access to manage agricultural sales agreements and contracts. There is robust administrative document management built in. This provides easy access and management for tax forms, applications, and other downloadable assets. Most critically, all of this was delivered in a clean, straight-forward, easy to navigate structure.

Website Launch Success or Start Over?

Within several months of launch it was announced that Country Visions was entertaining a merger with the Agri-Partners cooperative. The merger would effectively double the size of the organization and bring annual gross revenue to over $200 million.

The merger was approved through a vote from the member/owners at both organizations and the work of consolidating operations began. The existing websites for both organizations were evaluated for their ability to best serve the new merged entity. The options were to modify one site or the other to reflect the new reality or scrap both and start over.

CMS Victory!

The Country Visions team was thrilled to learn that because their new site had been developed with the Joomla Content Management System changes to the content and menu structure of the site would be simple and straightforward. In addition, the new organization was to continue using the existing Country Visions brand. This meant all the existing design work developed by 44° North Advertising and Design for the original website could stay in place.

With no additional web development costs, Country Visions was able to use their the existing website investment to fully and accurately reflect the new organization. The cooperative leveraged their investment in interGen’s Subscription Service by requesting additional training on how to schedule content publication.

The merger was to be legally effective on the Monday of Labor Day weekend. During that weekend, the Country Visions team wanted to be celebrating rather than updating their website. All work that was completed and scheduled for publication in advance went into effect at 12:01AM on the morning of the merger. While everyone slept, details of the new Country Visions Cooperative went live to the internet.

With Gratitude

It is our privilege to work with organizations like Country Visions Cooperative. They support the companies and the families that produce the food that feeds our nation. We enjoy supporting them with our services!